Things to Do in Baltimore, Maryland

Children are preparing to go back to school, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time to enjoy a wonderful vacation this summer! And no doubt you want to know what there is to do and see in any destination you choose to visit. In this article, we will talk about the fun things to do in Baltimore, Maryland.

1. National Aquarium

The first location that provides fun for those visiting Baltimore, Maryland is the National Aquarium. This is a non-profit aquarium that houses over 17,000 animals that represent 750 species, such as reptiles, sharks, amphibians, fish, mammals, and more. There are tours you can enjoy with your family in order to learn more about each species you can witness, so definitely plan to stop by the National Aquarium if you are traveling with children, or if you simply love to see animals!

2. Fort McHenry National Monument

Also in Baltimore is the historic fort that inspired the national anthem of the United States. This self-walking tour enables visitors to learn a great deal about important American history. You can see the land the defenders protected and almost feel exactly what they must have felt. Again, if traveling with children, you want to visit Fort McHenry. It may even help to give them a jump start on history class!

3. The Walters Art Museum

The third fun thing to do on our list is to stop by the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. Educational and entertaining, art lovers visiting the city certainly want to set aside a day to view the beautiful works of art housed there. There is also a plethora of activities for little ones to enjoy, so bring the whole family!

If you decide to vacation in Baltimore, rest assured that there are lots of fun things to do while there. Visit a historic fort, see wonderful animals living in an aquarium, and view priceless works of art at a museum. You’ll be glad you did!

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