Baltimore Maryland Is A Contradiction Of History And Crime

Baltimore, Maryland is a contradiction of history and crime. This city is one of the oldest metropolitan areas in the nation, dating back to the Colonial Era of European discovery and settlement in the New World. As such, the city has many landmarks and even remaining buildings steeped in centuries of the nation’s history.

In fact, the proximity of the city to the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., combined with its own history, landmarks, and scenery, make Baltimore the shooting location for most footage in House of Cards, the premiere Netflix show that helped put the streaming service on the map as a destination for original programming.

However, Baltimore sadly shares another facet with Washington, D.C., and that is rampant poverty and crime across much of the city. Many impoverished neighborhoods are run down and with more influence and control by gangs than government or law enforcement.

The murder and violent crime rates in Baltimore are not just high, but have been so for decades, spawning several television shows focused on it. Some were fiction, but some were reality genre or documentaries.

Recently, in an attempt to get anything done, local officials pleaded with area residents to please not murder or kill anyone for 72 hours. It was a project that drew criticism, jeers, and derision from many other cities, but local citizens highlighted it as a plea for help, and a valid attempt at getting anything done.

The murder rate in Baltimore is shockingly high for a city its size. While the area is large enough to be home to several professional sports franchises, it is part of the larger Washington metro area, and a common stop for those traveling from Philadelphia, New York, or even Boston on their way to or back from Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, or Atlanta.

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